Review: Salvage

Story by Martin Greene.
Script by Mike Lynch.
Art by Neil McClements and Anthony O’Neill.
Lettered by Nikki Foxrobot.
Cover art by Neil McClements.

Salvage is a tale of two ships, the Noland and the Ripley. The is split into two parts which are each focussed on one of the two ships. Part one follows the spaceship Noland as it surveys the outer reaches of the universe. The ship has a small crew that has spent six months documenting what they’ve found. The story in part one gets the reader familiar with the ship, crew and universe they inhabit.

A bad turn of events at the end of part one results in the crew of the Noland being rescued by the Ripley. But as the crew of the Noland spend more time on the Ripley, it becomes apparent that the Ripley might not be the salvation that they thought it was. Where part one was building tension and atmosphere, part two moves into a faster paced space-horror story.

The writing in both parts really works to the strengths of the two artists. McClements has some great layouts and artwork that really set the mood for part one. As already mentioned, part one is introducing the reader to the crew of the Noland and the region of space they are documenting. Crew, ship and space itself all look great. I must say that I particularly enjoyed the creative panel of the captain getting a quick nap.

Part two is drawn by O’Neill who has a more energetic style which is really suited to this section of Salvage. Where part one is more about exploration of space, part two sees the Noland crew exploring the Ripley to try and get answers as to what is happening on the ship. The story has more action as well as a lot more rooms and corridors to keep O’Neill busy.  And that’s before you get to the horrific reveal of the crew of the Ripley!

Foxrobot letters both parts of Salvage. Dialogue and captions are well-placed and easy to read without covering over the artwork. On many of the pages the text really helps lead the reader through the page.

The story and art are good combination, and I enjoyed how a different artist handled each part of the comic. It was also a good idea to keep the tempo of part one for the first couple of pages of part two so it’s only the visuals that change initially. Otherwise the reader might think they wandered into an entirely different comic.

Salvage is a good horror in space story where the team are working together to bring out the best of the comic through their respective roles. A strong opening comic from the Irish for 2018 that people should check out.

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