ICN Hall Of Fame Class of 2017: Triona Farrell

It is time once again for the ICN Hall of Fame inductions. First up we have our first colourist ever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. When deciding who would induct her, I went with some who had worked with her as an artist as well as a colourist. Aaron Fever inducts the extremely talented Triona Farrell.

“I met Triona for the first time in a coffee shop with the desperate hope of her working on a comic with me. If you’ve never met her before, she’s a very polite young woman which is a bit maddening for a paranoid fella like me when trying to gauge if she really wants to work on your book with you or if she’s just being nice. But I soon learned that she’s also very honest and straight-forward too when it comes to the work. She told me what she liked about my pitch, what she didn’t, what she would prefer we’d do and what she thought would work best. Of course, she was right about all of it, and I’m glad I listened to all of it. I already had the impression at that point that I was getting the opportunity to work with someone in the brief moment before her career takes off, and after that meeting I was sure of it.


It would take a year to finish that first volume of SHIP WRECKED with Triona, in which she both drew and coloured every page. She imbued the comic with vibrant colour and character which created more life than my words could ever give it. If you’re familiar with Triona’s work though, you’ll know that this is a common theme. Hers is a gift of addition. Making every page better than it had any right to be. As each month went by during that process she had more and more professional comics come out. I was literally buying her work in comic stores while she was working on my silly webcomic. It was a surreal experience. I will always appreciate her taking a chance on me like that. I only had one other comic under my belt at that point, but she agreed to take the time that was so, and is still so, precious to all artists. I think I will live my life and future career with the desperate hope of her working on a comic with me.