ICN Hall Of Fame Class of 2017: Sarah Bowie

Our second inductee is the immensely talented Sarah Bowie. We call upon her Comics Lab colleague to embara.. induct her.
“I’m very pleased to be in a position to embarrass Sarah Bowie. [BWAHAHAH.]
One of the lucky moments of my life was meeting Sarah at a Comics Jam a few years ago and together dreaming up The Comics Lab. Like a lot of us, I like to dream and scheme, and make great things happen, in theory, from the safety of my armchair, but Sarah is the person to turn it into action, and before I knew it we were in the Liquor Rooms with pictures of comics on the wide-screen telly in the presence of actual real people who’d turned out for our event. That was very satisfying, and not just because of the learning experience that it was, but also because we found our tribe of people there. It’s been great to have that chance; we met a lot of people, learned a lot, got braver.  
Apart from thusly using her organisational skillz for good, not evil, (see also the huge success of the Pulse Comics Festival in March 2016) over the last few years, Sarah has made a whole series of live comics readings happen, has gone on comics residency to Angoulême, as well as doing illustration work for clients and making books for O’Brien and Little Island. Her work is brilliant. She’s got a Renaissance woman’s collection of skills, for both story-writing and drawing, a great feel for sequential art, beautiful pacing, a light, sure hand and so many stories to tell. Always willing to share information and leads, always listening and learning, she takes a real delight in other people’s success. Her work, for kids and adults, is packed full of life, humour and razor-like observation; it just rings with truth. I love the direction her recent work is taking:  Fourteen Euros at Primark has real poetic beauty. I can’t wait to see her next comic (now in the works) – she is just growing into her considerable talents as an artist/storyteller.
[Okay, Sarah, you can come out from under your desk now! It’s over.]”