Webcomic Wednesday: Space Avalanche

Reviewed by Seán Donnelly

Created by Eoin Ryan.

Eoin Ryan’s Space Avalanche is a webcomic that needs no introduction. Having debuted in 2009, its strips have been featured on Irish Comic News and elsewhere. Though it is aided by its gag-a-day format, which allows it to delve into a variety of subject matter, the comic’s popularity is more than likely due to the poise with which it is made. Even the website’s interface is lovingly crafted, with its archive page consisting of a series of panels that give the reader a preview into whatever insanity they so desire.

And insanity is the name of the game here. With subjects ranging from the absurdity of human behaviour to Batman Space Avalanche is a truly unpredictable work that never fails to entertain or amaze. When you click on that right arrow bringing you to the next comic there’s no telling what you’ll be greeted with. Comics run the gamut of absurd to darkly hilarious, juxtaposing extreme fantasy with the grim reality of day-to-day life (as seen in this strip – be warned, it gets quite bloody). Some strips aren’t for the faint of heart but those willing to press on will be rewarded with something akin to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal or Channelate, namely a work that confounds audience’s expectations and keeps them wanting more.

The quality of Space Avalanche lies not just in its writing, but also in its artwork. With its broad black outlines surrounding uniform colours the comic is instilled with a cartoonish vibe reminiscent of Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Ryan uses this innocence to its advantage, delving into topics or scenarios that are altogether more extreme than its art style would suggest – all of which occurs, naturally, with hilarious results.

Eoin Ryan’s portfolio extends beyond Space Avalanche and into short films and illustration; his website is located here, for those who are curious. His experience is on full display in Space Avalanche, a work that is as artistically savvy as it is comedically savvy.