ICN Hall Of Fame Class of 2017: Debbie Jenkinson

Our next inductee is the talented creator behind the wonderful Remorse. A real favourite of mine. I really can’t say enough great things about that book. When choosing somebody to induct her, I couldn’t pick anyone other than fellow Hall of Fame classmate 2017. They have worked together on a number of projects and organising excellent events like the Comics Lab but I’ll let Sarah Bowie tell us why Debbie Jenkinson belongs in the Hall of Fame.
“I count Debbie Jenkinson as a friend and kindred comics spirit. We met in the Lord Edward, at a Dublin Comic Jam session (shout out to Paddy and Phil!) one blustery evening, about three years ago now. I quickly discovered that not only did Debbie Jenkinson have a great laugh, but that she was also very much into the same kind of comics as me. I remember thinking it was so cool that she’d done a SAW residency, and was about three quarters way through her not inconsiderable online graphic novel Remorse ( chosen as runner up on Comicosity’s Best of 2015 by Alison Berry). I can’t overs
tate how important is was for me to have met Debbie at this time. I was just dipping my toe back into comics, having struggled a few years earlier to find my place in a mostly male, genre-driven scene. To meet a smart, talented woman who was on my wavelength and making cool comics, was hugely energising. At last I had a partner in comics crime!
We joined forces with Paddy Lynch and started The Comics Lab. Debbie was great fun to plan things with and really good at coming up with cool drawing exercises for us to do each month. She was a real partner and a rock throughout an oftentimes hectic schedule of Comics Lab sessions. And it’s in no small part thanks to her warmth and her wit that the Comics Lab became a welcoming base for other makers.
I love Debbie’s storytelling, which can sometimes be deceptively light and funny, but nearly always with darker, thought-provoking themes (take Fat Cat for instance).  Remorse is a graphic novel that plays with time so intelligently, and is one that stays with you. That intro-sequence is engrained on my mind, much like the protagonist’s tattoo.  I look forward to seeing what Debbie makes next!”