Webcomic Wednesday: Tiny Wooden Pieces

Reviewed by Seán Donnelly

Created vColm O’Mahoney and Aileen Cudmore

In the autumn of last year Tiny Wooden Pieces came to its conclusion, wrapping itself up with the strip “Let’s Go Exploring” (itself a reference to the final line of Bill Watterson’s immortal comic strip Calvin & Hobbes). Those who were late in discovering this little gem (i.e. yours truly) will be rewarded with about three years’ worth of quality scripting and artistry, courtesy of writer-and-artist duo Colm O’Mahoney and Aileen Cudmore. The comic’s focus can be best summed up in this quote by O’Mahoney:

“We’re both big comic fans, and love boardgames as well. While there are plenty (even a plethora, one might say) of sites that cover board games, providing a wealth of information, there are not that many that treat it with the humour that it deserves. Board games for us, is a sociable and fun hobby; not one to be taken over-seriously.”

Though the webcomic is primarily fixated on board games, it does dabble in other areas of pop culture. It helps that both writer and artist are well-versed in the world of board games, and it is this love that served as the impetus for Tiny Wooden Pieces. Though board and role-playing games as mediums might initially come across as niche to newcomers the comic does a superlative job of broadcasting these interests to readers in a way that maximizes its comedic value.

This is partially down to the comic’s structure, employing a six-panel structure that gives it plenty of breathing space in terms of setting up and delivering on a joke. The panels themselves are often abuzz with activity, a flurry of details and characters can erupt from any given one and it is a testament to Cudmore’s prowess as an illustrator that such excitement is present in every strip.

Those who chose to binge Tiny Wooden Pieces will be rewarded with a strip that is consistently funny as it is well-crafted. With its fun, exaggerated style of comedy and competent art it is a good addition to anyone’s reading schedule.