Irish Comic Art Picks February

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter or Instagram. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

Phil Dunne – “The Failed Artist” WIP

Stuart McCune – The Human Beings vol.1

John White – ‘Is Your Husband A Psychopath’ illustration for Sunday Independent.

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – teaser art for WIP project ( line art by Curt Pires)

Will Sliney – Scarlet Spider Damnation WIP.

Anthony O’Neill – WIP

Olly Cunningham – Black Lines Comics.

Gary O’Donnell (line art) – ‘Time Waits’ teaser from 100% Biodegradable #20 (colour art by Anne-Marie Webb)

Aoife Duffy.

Sean Northridge.

Alé Mercado.

Karla McKnight.

Jason Browne – Cahoots teaser.

Eoin Barclay – Link.

John McCrea – Midnighter

Lucy Toner.

Nathan Stockman – Uran and friend / Pluto fan art.

Alan Hurley.

Jack Allen – Beth / Rick and Morty fan art.

Anna Fitzpatrick.

PJ Holden – Black Panther

Cian Tormey – The Dark Tower

John McGuinness – X-men Red

Leonie O’Moore – From Savage Seas.

Derek Dwyer – Gotham Sirens

Karl O’Rowe – Wonder Woman

Hugh Madden – Tales of Temecula

Charlie Aabo – Jon Pay, PI (WIP)

Tommie Kelly.

Barry O’Sullivan – WIP

Louise Fitzpatrick.

Rosie Haghighi – hourly comic challenge.

Eoin Coveney – The Alienist pin-up

Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – Ice Cream Man #2 teaser (line art by Martin Morazzo)

Sarah Bowie.

Adam Law – Doctor Who

Daniella Bella.

David O’Sullivan – Punisher

Niall Byrne – Red Dwarf

Kimi Kurbanova – hourly comic challenge

Charlie Aabo (line art) and Joe Griffin (colour art) – Ghost Sails teaser


Fran Johnston.

Stefanie Reville – Card Captor Sakura fan art.

Leeann Hamilton – The Argonette teaser

Philip Barrett – Where’s Larry? colouring book preview

Rebecca Reynolds.

Jim Lavery – Batman


Phil Murphy – My Little Pony WIP

Ian Fay – Sir Honker

Isabella von Metzradt – piece for Game Grumps zine.


Patrick Mulholland.

India Swift (line art) and Michael Doig (colour art) – Plesioth Battle commission

Debbie Jenkinson.

Dee McDonnell.

Robert Carey – Starscream

Rob Anthony.

Luca Pizzari – Warlock

Ben Hennessy – Malice cover art teaser

@DrawBoySeanie – cover art for collection of comic shorts by Christof Bogacs

Kevin Keane (line art) – Neon Skies teaser (colour art by Cristian Sabarre)

Hayley Mulcahy – page from Paradiso web comic

Anthea West – Ash Tree concept art

Luke Healy – Permanent Press signed bookplate (available via Forbidden Planet)

Karen Harte – Derry Girls fan art.

Ashwin Chacko


Liadh Young

Phillip Murray

Liam Naughton – ReGrow teaser

Katherine Foyle

Elle Power

Moira Dineen – Auberon Branwen’s human form / Cro Crú Chronicles

Sean Hogan (line art) and JP Jordan (colour art) – Spider-man

Triona Farrell (colour art) – Faith and the Future Force #4 cover art (line art by Jen Bartel)

Matt Griffin – cover art for Villain novel.

Gareth Luby – Gert from I Hate Fairyland


James Seymour

Giovana Medeiros

Brian Naughton – Akira Fudo from Devilman OVA

Declan Shalvey (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Nightwing #44 cover art

Evan Clarke – piece for ScrawlrBox monthly challenge

John Cullen – 1212: storytelling



Dearbhla Kelly (colour art) – Paradiso teaser (line art by Devmalya Pramanik)

Iuli Niculescu.

Eoin Marron – submission for Shadow of the Colossus art book contest

Ruairi Coleman – Batman commission

Colm Griffin – Ocean City teaser

Mark Reihill – Off Girl #4 teaser

Tara O’Connor – The Altered History of Willow Sparks teaser


@neevok – BTS fan art

Ciaran Lucas – Marvin the Martian fan art / gritty reboot

Becca Carey – Planet of the Apes: Ursus #2 cover art

John McFarlane – Papa Emeritus II

Cat Byrne – Shredder

Claire McLoughlin.

Katie Fleming – Devilman commission

Brian Burke – M’Baku/ Black Panther fan art

Claire Duffy.

Barry Keegan – Gambit


Keith Kennedy – Judge Dredd

Brian Corcoran.

Nick Roche.

Mackinley Raftery.

John Flynn – The 32: Ceatharlach

Alan Ryan – Calamity James

Cormac Hughes – Red Sands Mad Max tribute variant cover

Nathan Donnell – Infinity War / Solstice mash up

Stephen Byrne – Shuri / Black Panther fan art

Fionnuala Doran.

Stephen Mooney (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – The Dead Hand teaser art

Naomi Bolger.


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