Comics out this week (28/Mar/18)

Here’s this weeks round-up of comics released featuring Irish comic people as part of the creative team. So check them out when you’re picking up comics this week.

Also, if any creators have a comic released on any week, feel free to let us know so we can include it in that weeks round-up. You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Kiss / Army of Darkness #2

Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims.
Line art by Ruairí Coleman.
Colour art by Timothy Brown.

Lockjaw #2

Written by Daniel Kibblesmith.
Line art by Carlos Villa and Roberto Poggi.
Colour art by Chris O’Halloran.
Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Ben Reilly – The Scarlet Spider #16

Written by Peter David.
Line art by Will Sliney.
Colour art by Rachelle Rosenberg.
Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna.

The Despicable Deadpool #297

Written by Gerry Duggan.
Line art by Mike Hawthorne and Terry Pallot.
Colour art by Jordie Bellaire.
Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino.

Goosebumps : Download and Die! #1

Written by Jen Vaughn.
Line art by Michelle Wong.
Colour art by Triona Farrell.
Letters by Christa Miesner.

Hound 3 – Liberator

Written by Paul Bolger and Barry Devlin.
Line art by Paul Bolger.
Letters by Dee Cunniffe .

Redneck #11

Written by Donny Cates.
Line art by Lisandro Estherren.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.
Letters by VC’s Joe Sabino.

Days of Hate #3

Written by Ales Kot.
Line art by Danijel Zezelj.
Colour art by Jordie Bellaire .
Letters by Aditya Bidikar.

Planet of the Apes: Ursus #3

Written by David Walker.
Line art by Chris Mooneyham.
Colour art by Jason Wordie.
Letters by Ed Dukeshire.
Cover art by Becca Carey.

Kid Lobotomy #6

Written by Peter Milligan.
Line art by Tess Fowler.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe and Lee Loughridge .
Letters by Aditya Bidikar.

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