More On Centipede: An Interview With Eoin Marron

One of the more interesting books I’ve read recently was Dynamite Comics’ Centipede. The book is based on the Atari game but it goes in strange directions. I asked artist Eoin Marron about being creative on a licensed book.

With Centipede being a licensed book, did you have much input into the creature and world’s design?

The sweet thing about working on CENTIPEDE was having full creative control on pretty much every aspect of the project. In that regard it almost felt like a creator-owned book at times with the liberty we were given. Max supplied ideas and reference points and I built off those, so it was more or less 100% creator input.

What was your approach to the design?

Max described Sty-rek as a planet similar to Earth but not entirely, so I approached the general aesthetic and design of things by reverse engineering their purpose/appearance and working out how a similar civilization would produce the same results with their resources. The anime film ‘Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise’ was probably one of the biggest inspirations for that.

Have you ever played the game?

Not until recently (and I was awful) – I was born in the 90s so unfortunately I missed out on the entire Atari generation.

I think it is one of those books that will surprise people. It wasn’t what I expected. How would you describe it to someone who is pondering picking up the trade?

I think if you fancy a very unconventional and aware take on an arcade classic that offers up equal doses of nuanced drama, existential horror, chaotic action and black humor then this is the book for you. Much like its sister comic book adaptation SWORDQUEST, it’s a very accessible title that I can see fans of Image heavy-hitters enjoying.

You’ve recently worked on a Star Trek cover. What was that like?

I’m not the biggest Trekkie, but getting to play in the sandbox of such a sci-fi giant was pretty thrilling. Very honored Sarah Gaydos (who commissioned me at IDW) asked me to send off the series finale, and even doubly-so that Jordie Bellaire colored it!

You’re working on a creator owned book with Ollie Masters. Can you tell us anything about that?

It’s just a pitch at the moment so I won’t say too much right now – the nature of these things is they either go nowhere or take years to develop – but me and Ollie have wanted to work together again for a while now (since collaborating on SONS OF ANARCHY: REDWOOD ORIGINAL). I wanted to do something more grounded after more than half a year working on CENTIPEDE, and Ollie had just the right script waiting so it worked out perfectly.

I’ll be posting snippets of it along the way on my Twitter and Instagram, so keep an eye out!

The Centipede trade hits stores today. Star Trek Boldly Go Issue 18, featuring Eoin’s cover, is out next Wednesday. Eoin will be appearing at Cork Comic Expo 2 on April 14th at Mahon Point in Cork.