Webcomic Wednesday: Gerard Sexton’s Webcomic

Review by Seán Donnelly

Created by Gerard Sexton

A fairly short review this week, but this one comes courtesy of Tumblr artist Gerard Sexton who has kindly supplied us with a link to a webcomic written and illustrated by him (which you can find here). It’s a simple 5-page effort, but it’s one full of promise and energy. It details an attack by a giant robot with a prejudice against “morons”, but despite wreaking devastating carnage on the city it only serves to incense the public, with one passenger on a bus calling into work claiming that there’s a delay. Of course, unbeknownst to this passenger is the battle occurring above him between the robot and a nameless hero. The hero, who resembles Duke Nukem if he gained super-powers (a terrifying thought to be sure) tangles with the robot while proudly bearing a crest that is better left unspoiled. This juxtaposition of the mundane and the supernatural is always a goldmine for comedy, and the comic, while brief, does do a good job of highlighting the potential in this style of humour.

The comic’s leaner form arguably makes for a much more focused work, though it would be nice to see an expansion on this concept in future; it does have the makings of a regular gag strip. There is a neat sketchiness to the art, though some of the figures can be static at times. That said, there are one or two dynamic shots that do show an awareness of how the comic medium can be used to convey movement or dynamism through a variety of angles and shots. By doubling down on this knowledge and honing it, this could become a satisfying series of comics and another addition to the fine selection of work on offer from homegrown creators.