MBC Library Edition Vol.1- The Tina Käpplinger Mysteries KickStarter campaign now live

Stuart McCune is back with another KickStarter campaign (beginning to wonder if the guy ever sleeps!).

McCune has a solid track record with getting his campaigns fully funded, so why not click through to the campaign page to see what’s on offer in this campaign?

From the campaign page:

Welcome to the Kickstarter for Volume One of the Millicent Barnes Comics Library Editions featuring The Tina Käpplinger Mysteries. This first volume contains the long out-of-print comic Cold Colony paired with the brand new Cold Colony 2.

Both follow detective Tina Käpplinger in tales reminiscent of 70s/80s sci-fi classics.

The first Cold Colony has EC Comics at its heart and the second is more in line with my recent work on The Human Beings. You can check out here what people have to say about my work from the last campaign earlier in the year.


This reprint edition comes packaged with process extras and sketches too. It will be printed in the original Cold Colony format of 21 x 15 in a 66 page perfect bound digest edition. All subsequent Library editions will follow a similar format. There are four planed so far – Cold Colony, Monologue, City War, and Delta.

Link to KickStarter campaign page.

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