Irish Comic Art Picks April

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter or Instagram. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

Robert Carey – Black Panther

Phillip Murray

Naomi Bolger – Monster Hunter World fan art.

Clara Dudley

Patrick Mulholland – Zero Jumper #2 teaser

Ken Mahon – The Dark Souls Adventures cover art (available on Gumroad)

Alan Hurley – George Boole portrait

John Flynn – The 32: Chill Mhantáin. The King of The Mountains.

Tracy Deines

John McCrea (line art) – Dead Rabbit teaser art (colour art by Mike Spicer)

James Seymour – Conrad Veidt (The Man Who Laughs)

Nathan Donnell – Solstice print

Adam Law – Bucky O’Hare

Liadh Young

John White – Oasis art for Sunday Independent article

@Bogswallop – Freakzoid/ Amazing Spider-man #50 parody

Daniella Bella – Midnighter and Apollo commission


Brian Burke – Piccolo

Rebecca Reynolds

Claire McLoughlin

Philip Barrett

Leeann Hamilton

Twisted Doodles

Ellie Wright (colour art) – Sherlock Holmes : The Vanishing Man teaser (line art by Julius Ohta)

Kevin Keane – The Guards 2 teaser

India Swift (line art) and Michael Doig (colour art) – Witch of the West (Creators for Creators competition submission)

Fiachra Hackett – bullies

Isabella von Metzradt

@Thomothomthom – Friday the 13th

Luke Healy – The Peeping Tom (updates to this Twitter thread)

Rob Anthony – Venom

Kimi Kurbanova – “Post Malone getting rekt by a mint”.

Ian Fay – commission

Declan Shalvey (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Star Trek : Discovery – Succession #1 variant cover

Stuart McCune

Triona Farrell (colour art) – Runaways teaser (line art by Kris Anka)

Charlie Aabo (line art) and Joseph Griffin (colour art) – Ghost Sails teaser

Tara O’Connor – Poison Ivy

PJ Holden – Hellingrad pin up

Matthew Shiell – WIP

Anthea West – Link

Rosie Haghighi

Brian Naughton

Becca Carey – Head Lopper fan art

Stephen Mooney – The Dead Hand #2 teaser

Stefanie Reville – Adam Driver / Don Quixote

Gareth Luby – Rogue

Fiona Boniwell – Dem Bones teaser

Cormac Hughes – Hulk

Evan Clarke

Eoin Barclay – Thor

@avatarkasia – mha fan art

Michael Arbuthnot – WIP

Leonie O’Moore – WIP

Ruairi Coleman – KISS / Army of Darkness #3 teaser

Gearoid Molloy – Neko the Kitty

@blargberriess – Nia

Matt Griffin – The Boondock Saints cover art for Arrow Video

Barry O’Sullivan – WIP

Ashwin Chacko

Phil Dunne – Saru / Discovery fan art

Gary McKeever

Katie Fleming – Rubberbandits fan art

Iuli Niculescu – Ship Wrecked teaser

Joe Loftus – Dark Down There


Wayne Talbot – Big Barda

Jim Lavery – Batman sample page

@Derryzumi – Klaus Tharasei and Kra’Kalizus (Pathfinder characters)

Colm Griffin – The Broker fan art

David Butler

Olly Cunningham – Black Lines Comics

Remi Noonan – page from ‘The Magic Bearer’

Brian ColdrickBehind You

Jason Browne

Sean O’Reilly

John McFarlane – Captain America / Avengers Infinity War print

Cian Tormey – Spider-man and Rhino

Karla McKnight – Overwatch fan art

Eoin Coveney – Madelyn Vespertine

Hayley Mulcahy – Sailor V

Barbarella Bunny

Sarah Walsh – In August and September (read here)

Lucy Toner – Fullmetal Alchemist

Clare Foley – Delerium / Sandman fan art

Keith Kennedy

Cat Byrne – Iron Man Care Bear commission

Shane O’Sullivan

Mot Collins

Karen Harte

Luca Pizzari – Kull Eternal teaser

Fran Johnston – Meryl Silverburgh / Metal Gear Solid fan art

Brian Corcoran – commission

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – Redneck #13 cover art (line art by Lisandro Estherren)

Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – Exiles #2 teaser (line art by Javier Rodríguez and Álvaro López)

Moira Dineen

Giovana Medeiros

Karl O’Rowe – Deathsworn #2 teaser

@Niall_Himself – still from animated WIP

Nathan Stockman –  Venom

Alan Dunne


Mark Reihill – Off Girl #5 teaser

Eoin Marron – James Bond – The Body #4 page

Len O’Grady (colour art) – Jaegir: In The Realm Of Pyrrhus (2000AD) teaser (line art by Simon Coleby)

Mackinley Raftery

Anna Fitzpatrick

Sarah Bowie

Rapha Lobosco – Batman

Alfie Gallagher – Debris anthology teaser

Kayleigh Singer

Aoife Duffy

Nick Roche (line art) and Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – Avengers : Back to Basics #5 cover art

Alé Mercado – The Three Ravens teaser


Hugh Madden – Spirou fan art

Phil Murphy – My Little Pony : Ponyville Mysteries # 3 cover art

Sean Northridge – WIP

Jack Allen – The Young Offenders fan art

David O’Sullivan – The Dead Hand #1 variant cover

John Devlin – Princess Mononoke print

Aaron Losty – WIP

John Cullen – World Book Day


Stephen Byrne – Avengers Infinity War fan art

James McErlain – WIP

Will Sliney – Cosmic Ghost Rider commission

Liam Naughton – WIP

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