Top Ten Irish Comics: Remorse

There are some occasions when a book just speaks to you. For me, Debbie Jenkinson’s Remorse is one of those books. Taking place across 10 years from 1996 – 2006 in Ireland, Remorse tells the story of Penelope who works in a call centre. The catalyst to the story is when her boyfriend, Leo, announces that he’s got a big job interview in New York and wants Penelope to leave Ireland and join him. This is the beginning of a series of events for Penelope that ultimately decide where she will go in her life. The book deftly captures that feeling of going through the motions of a 9 to 5 style job and the feelings and emotions involved in dealing with relationships. Reading the story, I found it so easy to relate to Penelope and the life she lead. The colour palette of greys and washes gives the story a dream like quality and sells the often dark emotions in the story.

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