Top Ten Irish Comics: The Wren

The Wren, created in 2007, and published by Button Press Publications, is an all ages superhero comic. It is the adventures of Jack McCormack, a 12/13 year old boy growing up in Dubh-lynn, a city in the country of Hibernia. He has inherited superpowers from his parents and now learns what it is to become a hero while trying to juggle everything else that comes with the “Hero” territory and being a teenager. It is a world where the Dé Danaan have left their mark through blood ties. Some people are born with superhuman gifts that are side effects from the Sidhé (Fairyfolk/ Dé Danaan) living and marrying humans. These gifts give rise to heroes, and also villains – for not all who are gifted wish to fight for the greater good. The book has been collected in several trades, some updated with colours. The book is the longest running comic in Ireland and Jason Browne’s art continually improves which each issue.

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