Irish Comic Art Picks June

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month.

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Declan Shalvey (line art) and Triona Farrell (colour art) – Doctor Strange #2 variant cover

Cian Tormey – The Mud King / Seven to Eternity fan art.

John McCrea – Dead Rabbit teaser

Amanda Spitzner

Mackinley Raftery

John Flynn – The Giants Causeway

Iuli Niculescu – Sailor Mars

Katie Fleming – Spider-man

Olly Cunningham – Skunk Ape teaser

Daniella Bella – ‘Exit Poll’

Fran Johnston

Kevin Keane – Venom

Matt Griffin – Paradiso volume 1 cover art

Matthew Shiell (line art) and Meghan Ryan (colour art) – Lorde’s Will ( read the rest here).

David O’Sullivan – Analog #5 teaser

Ashwin Chacko – Hellboy

Cormac Hughes – The Thing

John McFarlane – background art for Olivia Wilde game.

Wayne Talbot – Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV Cowboy Bebop Commission

Eoin Marron – Rocket Racoon and Groot

James Seymour – Dracula fan art

PJ Holden – Judge Dredd WIP

Sarah Crossan

Leonie O’Moore – Ewoks vs Predator

Karl O’Rowe – Deathsworn Chapter 2 teaser

Daniel Mawhinney – Judge Dredd


Claire Duggan

Ciaran Lucas – M.Bison

John McGuinness – Infinity War fan art

Hayley Mulcahy.

Phil Murphy – Connecting covers for Star Trek vs Transformers #1

Remi Noonan

Tara O’Connor


Moira Dineen – Cro Crú Chronicles: Auberon

Ian Fay – Kenny Omega commission

Becca Carey – Planet of the Apes : Ursus #6 variant cover

@tootzoid – Bloodborne fan art

Jack Allen – Baroz the Half Orc

Colm Griffin – Deadpool 2 fan art

Fiona Boniwell

Gary McKeever

Eoin Coveney – Judge Death commission

Phillip Murray – Boba Fett fan art

Joe Loftus – Dark Down There teaser

Will Sliney – Spider-man and Mary Jane commission

Evan Clarke – consumption

Anthea West (line art) and Triona Farrell (colour art) – Fate 3rd year anniversary art

Mot Collins

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – Punks Not Dead #5 teaser (line art by Martin Simmonds)

@avatarkasia – Air Boy

Jim Lavery – Green Lantern

@neevok –  BTS fan art

Brian Burke – Headlopper fan art


Barry O’Sullivan – WIP

Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – Exiles #3 (line art by Javier Rodríguez and Álvaro López)

Aoife Duffy

Stefanie Reville – Stranger Things print

Stephen Mooney (line art) and Triona Farrell (colour art) – cover for Assassins Creed comic series

Alan Ryan – art for western themed issue of Beano

Dearbhla Kelly

Nate Stockman (line art) – X-men Blue #29 teaser (colour art by Matt Milla)

Sean O’Reilly

Kimi Kurbanova – Mr Death Grip

Gareth Luby – WIP

Twisted Doodles

Brian Coldrick – Fathers Day card

Darren Nesbitt

@Niall_Himself (second page of comic here)

Sean Northridge – A Grimm Meeting – Inks WIP

Barry Keegan – The Bog Road teaser


 – Daredevil vs Kingpin commission

John Devlin – Bloodborne lamp commission

Matthew Melis – page roughs for Chocolat Noir

Jason Browne – Power Ragners fan art


Fiachra Hackett

Rebecca Reynolds

Alfie Gallagher – Taxi Driver commission


Brian Naughton – Superman

Cat Byrne – Baby Thanos print

Shane O’Sullivan – Mr Hyde

Leeann Hamilton – teaser art from yet to be revealed project

John White – Th Unholy Trinity

Ruairí Coleman (line art) and Michael Doig (colour art) – Chun Li

Gavin Fullerton (illustration) and Katherine Foyle (type)

Sean Hogan

Joseph McCafferty – page inspired by Enniskillen comic fest

Karla McKnight – Overwatch commission

@Supern0_va – Promo art of an upcoming comic ‘Curse of a Thousand Stars’

Gearoid Molloy – Keno and Co

John Cullen

Luke Healy

Stephen Byrne – Superfreaks #1 cover art

Nick Roche (line art) – Transformers Lost Light #24 (colour art by Josh Burcham)

Joseph Griffin ( colour art with line art by Wes St Claire)

Dee McDonnell – commissions done to raise funds for Repeal the 8th

Donna Black

Alan Hurley

Clare Foley – Spirited Away fan art

Anna Fitzpatrick – Overwatch OC commission

Naomi Bolger – Gorillaz fan art


Keith Kennedy – WIP

Barbarella Bunny

Nathan Donnell

Mark Reihill – Off Girl #5 teaser (roughs vs finished page)

Brian Corcoran – The Last Wizard teaser (strip for Futurequake comic)

Aaron Losty – WIP

  – cover for Lauren Guillery’s new album “Disaster in La La Land”

Rapha Lobosco – Cable

Stuart McCune – The Human Beings #6 cover art

Isabella von Metzradt

Phil Dunne – The Failed Artist teaser

Gary O’Donnell

 – research drawings for new comic ‘Ghosting’

SJ MoloneyPantheon webcomic


Lucy Toner – Devilman Crybaby fan art

Declan Shalvey (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Marvel Two-In-One annual teaser

Ellie Wright (colour art) – Lucifier commission (line art by Donny Gandakusuma)

Claire McLoughlin

Rob Carey – Cruel Sunset teaser

Liadh Young

Ben Hennessy – Miles Morales

– map of Dublin for MyTaxi ad
Anthony O’Neill – The Crow fan art

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