To the artists featured (or wish to be featured) in Art Picks



Since it’s about two years since I took over the controls for the Art Picks feature, I figured it might be a good time to chat about the feature.

For those checking this post out to see if you want to get your art into the Art Picks, the premise is pretty simple. Over the course of any given month, I go through art that has been shared online by each artist ( the current count of the artist pool currently exceeds 200) and pick a piece for inclusion in the monthly round-up. Up to now, it’s been an entirely curated feature with the occasional image swap requested by an artist.

The aforementioned list is maintained by myself, and possibly gave the impression that the route to getting on the list was for me to add you. That isn’t the case, if you’re a line or colour artist then you can be on the list. If you’re not on the list and want to be, just let me know. Simple as.

Over the course of the feature, it has been pointed out that no-one is asked about being featured. I.e. would they like to be in the list. I just presumed (possibly wrongly in some cases) that if you’re an artist sharing your art online, then you’d have no problem with the additional signal boost. So, in future any new additions that I’m considering will be asked before they are added to the list. Additionally, if any current artists on the list would like to be taken off the list then just let me know. You don’t have to offer any explanations and there’ll be no hard feelings on this end.

I’ll also be trying something new with the Art Picks feature. I’ve set up a Gmail account purely for the Art Picks feature. What this means is that artists now have the option to submit a piece on any given month rather than leave it up to myself to choose. This may be for a reason like you’ve a book coming out that month and want an image used that could promote said book. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link or a link to a website/social media post. It’s an option for each artist to use if they feel the need. If nothing is received from an artist, then the selection reverts to the current system where I choose the piece. The email account also means that artists who don’t do social media can also get their art into the Art Picks feature.

The email address is: stephenartpicks[at]gmail[dot]com

So that’s where the feature is headed. If there is any other feedback on the feature, you can reach out over social media (either my personal accounts or via the Irish Comic News) accounts or comment on this post below. The feature is there to serve the artists, so I’m always receptive to ways it can be improved.

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