Death of the Horror Anthology campaign now live on KickStarter


A recent discovery while swimming in the Twitter-stream, Death of the Horror Anthology features a impressive array of comic creatives including Dee Cunniffe and Leonie O’Moore.

As with many comics KickStarters, there are tiers for digital and physical editions of the anthology. They also have an entry level tier of $3 (Canadian) where you can receive a digital edition of one of the stories in the anthology. Not seen that before but is a clever incentive to get people pledging the $3 and getting something in return.


DEATH OF THE HORROR ANTHOLOGY is a compilation of terrifying short stories from some of the most talented and twisted minds in comics. Curated by Kelly Brack, edited by Danny Lore and published by A Wave Blue World, each story will follow the theme of INNER DEMONS.

Link to the KickStarter campaign.


“In the Hole” by Pat Shand and Leonie O’Moore

“Old Wounds” by Kelly Brack, Chris Shehan and Dee Cunniffe


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