Between Worlds campaign now live on KickStarter


Anna Fitzpatrick has launched her campaign for Between Worlds (and it’s almost funded after about 2 days!). The campaign is to get Between Worlds, which existed previously as a webcomic, out in the world in printed form. Tiers start at £5 for a digital copy and £25 for the physical book, with other tiers adding  a variety of add-ons to your reward pack.

From the campaign page:

Between Worlds is the story of a knight cast out of her kingdom, falsely accused of Witchcraft. Her punishment? A shattering self, of memories, of identity and of home. Her sanctuary? A city of witches, incense, crystals and enchantments. Only issue is, she has no idea how she got there, not to mention, she HATES witches. She’ll have to learn to make some friends if she wants to start a new life, and survive it.

This special edition hardback is in celebration of 10 years since the launch of Between Worlds. Since 2009, it has lived in and on various formats until I took it down in retirement. The entire comic totals over 300 pages. This is to be the definitive version of Between Worlds.

Link to KickStarter campaign page.

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