ICN Feed October / November: Happy Monday

Apologies for the lack of postings lately but I’ve had a mix of insomnia / anxiety / depression / writer’s block lately. I have decided to come out of my shell to post something positive as I think I am going to have to post something negative fairly soon. Cue ominous music. I have partly being battling my slump by delving back into the world of Final Fantasy IX, which coincidentally influenced part of Brian Burke‘s Inktober so here’s some pics of some of the characters from the game:

Playing the game also reminded me that Leeann Hamilton, a fellow Final Fantasy IX fan, did a piece which I couldn’t find but she kindly provided to me:

Looking at these pieces again was enough to lift my spirits.

Trade waiting

Due to space constraints, I long ago changed to monthly digital copies with physical trades for certain books (particular for those books by Irish creators). The last month or so has seen a lot of trades for Irish creators including The Dead Hand (with Stephen Mooney on art), Analog (with David O’Sullivan on art), The Prisoner (with Colin Lorimer on art) and an INJECTION Hardcover (with Declan Shalvey on art) which I double dipped on as I had the trades already. Signed copies can be found in both Forbidden Planet and The Big Bang. The Dead Hand and INJECTION both feature the colours of Jordie Bellaire.

I loved all of these books for a variety of reasons. The Dead Hand is a Cold War / sci-fi mix, Analog feels like a detective noir set in the future, The Prisoner is an updated version of the TV show and INECTION… isn’t easily categorised but, in my opinion, is the best Warren Ellis book since Planetary. All of them have some science fiction involved and all are volume ones so great Christmas gifts for that comic fan in your life.

Adding one single issue: I’d recommend Dead Rabbit, featuring John McCrea doing some of the best work of his career.

The Big Bang have a cool variant (which you might still be able to grab here).

Kicking It

Another thing that we’ve seen a lot of lately is Kickstarters being funded. A kickstarter for one of my favourite books ever, Between Worlds (created by Anna Fitzpatrick) was funded and the series  will be returning as a hardcover in 2019. The eagerly anticipated Neon Skies (by Ciarán Marcantonio and Kevin Keane) will be heading to supporters soon but if you can’t wait for that, you can grab your copy at a launch in Forbidden Planet on Wednesday, December 12th from 6pm – 8pm. Lastly, digital copies of Tales Of Fractured Worlds (written by Roddy McCance) have been sent out. We’ll be getting a copy to review (both Stephen and I backed it) so we should be reviewing that soon. I was a big fan of Tales Of A Fractured Mind so I’m looking forward to Roddy’s latest book.