Irish Comic Art Picks November

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter or Instagram. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

FAO the current pool (and those looking to be included):

Artists have the option to submit a piece on any given month rather than leave it up to myself to choose (via social media, or email mentioned below). This may be for a reason like you’ve a book coming out that month and want an image used that could promote said book. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link or a link to a website/social media post. It’s an option for each artist to use if they feel the need. If nothing is received from an artist, then the selection reverts to the current system where I choose the piece. The email account also means that artists who don’t do social media can also get their art into the Art Picks feature.

The email address is: stephenartpicks[at]gmail[dot]com

Derek Dwyer – Venom fan-art, with a female Eddie inside

Charlie Aabo (line art) and Joseph Griffin (colour art) – Ghost Sails teaser

Paddy Lynch

Louise Fitzpatrick – ‘Happy Halloween!’

Leonie O’Moore – Sesame Street blob paintings

Ken Mahon

Mark Reihill – Character designs for unnamed project

Chris O’Halloran (colour art) – Kick Ass #12 cover art (line art by André Lima Araújo)

Rebecca Nalty – Spider-Gwen fan art

Rob Anthony

Clare Foley – ‘a minotaur discovers coffee’

Karen Harte

Brian Coldrick – Behind You teaser

Amy McMahon – Link fan art

Alan Dunne

Cian Tormey (line art) – Teen Titans fan art (colour art by Mark Dale)

Karla McKnight – Sabrina fan art

Alé Mercado

Tara O’Connor – selection of Inktober art

Brian Corcoran

Marianna Mooney


Isabella von Metzradt – art trade with the , of her OC Kestry

Graham Corcoran – Clint Eastwood

Naomi Noodle – commission

James Seymour

Matt Griffin – The Iron Giant poster

Neev Brennan – BTS silent comic done for a zine.

Rosie Haghighi – Fox print

Anthea West – title card art for A Paddy Reviews

Morgan O’Brien

Ashwin Chacko

Evan Clarke – Spyro fan art

Ben Hennessy – Shredder

Declan Shalvey (line art) – Return of Wolverine #3 variant cover (colour art by Matt Wilson)

Stefanie Reville – Yakuza fan art

Brian Burke – Spyro fan art

@onisoda – Catra / She-Ra fan art

Phil Dunne – ‘Autumn Creep’ teaser ( free download of comic)

Nathan Donnell – Neon Skies fan art

PJ Holden – Mum (read the rest of the comic here)

Nathan Stockman (line art) – Spidey: Freshman Year TP cover art (colour art by Jim Campbell)

Luke Healy

Elle Power

Dee McDonnell – ‘Sven here is having trouble with his spell casting, and Freg is being a good friend about it’

Will Sliney – Solo #2 teaser

Ruairí Coleman – Daredevil commission

Jason Browne – Voltron fan art

Lucy Toner

Eoin Coveney

John McCrea – Ghost Rider

Eoin Barclay – Splinter Cell fan art

Anna Fitzpatrick – bookmarks for Between Worlds KickStarter campaign.

Remi Noonan – Clock

Robert Carey

Niall Byrne – Lola Pop / Nintendo’s Arms fan art

Patrick Mulholland – The Last Airbender fan art


Rebecca Reynolds – Jojos Bizarre Adventure fan art

Triona Farrell (colour art) – West Coast Avengers teaser (line art by Stefano Caselli)

Phillip Murray – Rick and Morty fan art

Sean Northridge

Barry O’Sullivan – Green Lantern fan art

John McGuinness – Fantastic Four fan art

Dearbhla Kelly – Irish Times Magazine cover art

Aoife Duffy

Gareth Luby – Punisher fan art

Phil Murphy – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #36 cover art

Kimi Kurbanova

Nick Roche (line art) – More Than Meets The Eye print (colour art by Josh Burcham)

Harry Conway

Hugh Madden


Sarah Bowie – read full comic here

Stephen Mooney (line and colour art) – cover art for James Bond #4

Kevin Keane (line art) and Wayne Talbot (colour art) – Nazferatu colour test

Stephen Byrne – Dr Who fan art

Ciaran Lucas – Detective Pikachu

@Thomothomthom – read full comic here

Michael Doig – Sky Whale WIP

John Flynn – Cormorant

Alan Ryan – Number 13 teaser

Donna Black – Batwoman painting

Amanda Spitzner – Love Hurts

Mark Reihill – Starburst cover art

Gary McKeever

Danny Earls – Stan Lee

Kasia Brzezinska – Critical Role fan art

Jim Lavery – Dr Strange

Colm Griffin


Emma Reynolds

John McFarlane – WIP

Claire Duggan – Sanada fan art

John White – Spring Heeled Jack

John Cullen – 1350: early start

Ian Fay – JoJos Bizarre Adventure fan art

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – The Wicked and The Divine: The Funnies (line art by Yulia Mad)

Barry Keegan – WIP

Luca Pizzari – Weapon X WIP

Katherine Foyle

Mackinley Raftery – Demon Homura

Bob Byrne – Joey Ravioli

Leeann Hamilton – Delta Rune fan art

Eva Widermann – commission

John Devlin – Inktober Day 31. Knight Artorias and Sif. Dark Souls fan art

Keith Kennedy – WIP

Stuart McCune – Reality Paper 2 teaser

Tracy Deines – Splatoon 2 fan art

Stephen Downey – Olivia Wilde WIP

Brian Naughton

Charlot Kristensen – Queer Nanny (Black Women in History teaser. Buy here)

Eoin Marron – Mars Attacks #5 cover art

Gary O’Donnell – Candyman fan art

Stephen Wall – ‘One Look And He Knew’ cover art (read comic here)

 Ceili Braidwood

Matthew Melis – Chocolat Noir WIP

Alan Hurley – commission

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