Bubbles O’Seven in A Night At The Opera campaign now live on KickStarter

The Bubbles O’Seven team are back with a digital-only intermission campaign, ‘A Night at the Opera’ (already at 25% funded).

The campaign has the low entry point of £2 ( about €2.20) for this adventure. The also have a tier where for £10 you can get this comic and all 5 previous releases in digital format.

From the campaign page:

There’s something about a Bonobo in a bespoke suit, isn’t there? An unassuming simian suaveness that permeates the air around him. 

Throw a pipe in there and well, it just adds to the mystery of the debonair rascal. Or…. Maybe he’s just an ape in a suit.


For newcomers to the world of Bubbles O’Seven, we are proud to introduce the simian star of his own exciting series.

Move over Bond, Bourne and Bauer. There is more to this Bonobo than exploding pens, rolled up magazines and “we’re running out of time!” His mission, to track down and neutralise the rogue threat of shadowy organisation, SpIWIT, is his greatest challenge to date. But is that mission as clear cut as it seems?


Link to campaign page.

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