ICN Feed January: The Other ICN Awards

Welcome to the January edition of the ICN Feed. This one will be a little different as I will not be mentioning anything on my read pile or books that I have opinions as I am implementing the ICN Award Prime Directive that I will not interfere with the voting. I will, however, go into some thoughts behind this year’s slightly revamped vote.

ICN Awards

Well we just posted the nominees for the 2018 Awards and people really seem into them. With this year’s nominees, we tried to streamline the candidates and offer an, up to, top 6. If your favourite isn’t in there, it is a product of the fact that the competition was fairly stiff (it gets more competitive year on year). I’m thinking particularly for artists working for bigger companies and the comics themselves as there were a LOT of creators and comics that we loved that didn’t make the cut this year. I still think we need more competition on the writer side. I doubt that anyone could make the case that any of the nominees is undeserving of their place in the vote. We, of course, would love your feedback especially if you think we need to add some new categories. This brings us nicely to my annual bit: The Other ICN Awards.

The Other ICN Awards

These are the awards that didn’t make the list this year that we may add or I might be just having a laugh.

  1. Best Blog – We had this award before but I was convinced to remove it as the question was asked: why promote another website? Well I’ll give you two to check out. First, Rusty Staples which is Michael Carroll’s blog where Mike writes about some older comics and gives a bit of history behind them. I must ask Mike about it as I always enjoy his interviews and maybe see him about a new ICN logo as the Rusty Staples one is SHARP. The second one is Maura McHugh’s website where she not only covers her work but also comments on books, TV, movies and more. It helps me keep up to date on a lot of things that don’t get a proper spotlight. She has also mentioned some awards ceremony.
  2. Cutest Irish Comics baby – I am just using this to congratulate a lot of people on their new babies in 2018 including Stephen Mooney and Will Sliney. I’ll leave this one to a public vote as I don’t want to get into a phoney war on it.
  3. The Swim Suit Competition – I think Derek Keogh made this joke on Twitter and it is related to an award that I joke about all the time. I just realised that this is my 5th ICN Awards and thus this is the 5th Annual Best Looking Male Artist (That We Never Vote On) Award. I really must get on to Kim Brosnan about making this happen but I think January is a bit cold for this kind of thing.
  4. Best Story That We Can’t Really Talk About – There are some funny stories that we can’t go into especially when It comes to the bar after Comic City Fest which was just tremendous. There is also a story that I didn’t go into that I was advised against by some people whose opinions I really respect and I don’t think I had enough evidence to go public with it. It is what led to certain people not being included in the awards. There’s also other things that I won’t go into that influenced the nominees. Ask me over a drink and I might go into it. We try not to be a dirt sheet.

If I Can Be Serious For A Minute

Another award category that will be happening this year is the ICN Hall Of Fame. I am currently working with the inductors to get their kind words in order. We would love your feedback on who we are missing. I can actually think of a few while typing this. The reason I took this off the vote when I took over was I felt that it had become a “what have you done lately” award versus an overall contribution to comics. I am thinking of maybe altering it to a nomination process voted on by people already in or some creators in general. All things will be considered. I do think that this year’s inductees deserve to be in.

Now, I must run as I see there are votes to look after. Where’s my abacus… voting closes Feb 8th at midnight.