ICN Hall Of Fame Class Of 2019: John Hendrick

One of my earliest comic convention memories is from a con where big names like Jim Lee and Carlos Pacheco were brought over. I still remember the lines. What was interesting about the convention was that, amongst these well known names, was a gaggle of Irish artists who were known on the Irish scene but had yet to make a splash in the US. The convention was run by John Hendrick and this mixture of big names and Irish talent became a feature of various events he has run over the years. He continues to support Irish talent with various signing events in his Dundrum based store, Big Bang Comics. This of course is why we have decided to induct him into the ICN Hall Of Fame. To induct him is an artist who has been a staple of John’s events, including a couple in his native Cork, Will Sliney.

“Ten years ago I walked into John’s shop with a portfolio under my arm. Back then he was just a sound comic book shop owner who welcomed me into his store and helped me get great time for a professional portfolio review. Over the years he has run the show where I was hired for Marvel, he has set up Cork’s biggest comic book convention, he has hosted all of my book launches. He’s always ready to lend an ear to chat about the industry and help out with his advice. That’s just for me though. The Big Bang has become a world famous comic book store. They are just as eager to help out the brand new comic book artist as well as the old comic book pro. His support for the industry has been immeasurable and I have a feeling that all of this is just the beginning. 

“Far more important than any of this though, he has become one of my best mates over the years. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for John and the Big Bang in the future.”