Five Books I Am Looking Forward to in 2019

There are a lot books being produced by Irish creators so there are a lot things coming in 2019. Here are five upcoming books that have caught eye:


What started as a working name for the series, named jokingly, Nazferatu has officially become the title of the upcoming book from Kevin Keane (Neon Skies) and Wayne Talbot (The Broker). It is two of the best comic book villains, Nazis and Vampires in the one book. The team has produced three images as posters for the book (available at DCC) but this is my favourite.

Killer Groove

Artist Eoin Marron moves into the creator owned realm this May in a mixture of music and machine guns as a musician moves from becoming a potential top ten artist becoming to a potential top ten most wanted.

League Of Volunteers Collection

Things have been quiet on the league front for a while but the Atomic Diner Facebook page noted a return in April with art by Barry Keegan. I have always been a fan of this series so I am looking forward to this.

Between Worlds

With the funding of her Kickstarter, we will be seeing new Between Worlds material from Anna Fitzpatrick as well a reworked pages from the webcomic. I am a huge fan of this series. Think of Final Fantasy with extra feels and this is it.

Jennifer Wilde

Jennifer Wilde is one of my favourite Irish series ever so I was interested to see it return albeit with a new creative team of Malachy Coney (Noe: The Savage Boy) and art from newcomer Kako De Luna. A one shot is due to arrive this summer.