Dublin 2019 Announce Big Name Comic Guest, Discuss Comics As Part Of The Event

Hugo award winning comic book artist Sana Takeda will be a featured artist at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. Based in Tokyo, Takeda is best known for drawing the prizewinning Monstress series, written by Marjorie Liu and published by Image. The heroine of Monstress, Maika Halfwolf, survives bereavement, slavery, and disabling injury to take control of her psychic powers and change her people’s history. Since it premiered in 2015, Monstress has won three Hugos, five Eisners, three British Fantasy Awards and a Harvey Award. Takeda´s artistic reference points range from Japanese woodblock prints to Marvel Comics, where she has drawn for franchises including X-Men and Ms. Marvel. She joins Afua Richardson, Maeve Clancy, and Jim Fitzpatrick on the featured artist roster.

Irish Comic News spoke to James Bacon, the chair of Dubli 2019, the 77th World Science Fiction convention and a comics fan about the comics elements at Dublin 2019:

‘Comics have always been a part of The Worldcon and knowing that comics and gaming are so important in Ireland, the teams involved were keen to ensure that just as we bring prose, theatre, music, performance, books, poetry and science, we would also ensure the focus that occurs for gaming and comics is shared and known.’

‘We want to bring the world to Dublin to celebrate all works of the fantastic, but also it is important that we share brilliant Irish creativity with the world. I hope we are achieving that with our Guests of Honour, featured artists and programme participants.’

‘Our featured artists, Maeve Clancy and Jim Fitzpatrick, while being better known for other works, have both drawn comics in various forms and I understand, or legend has it, that Jim had a lovely collection of Silver Age comics. Afua Richardson and Sana Takeda are both known for their comic work, Sana’s work on Monstress, from Image comics,  complements Afua’s amazing work on Genius for Top Cow and  cover work for Marvel and DC. Afua and Sana have both worked on Award winning comics and their work beautifully thoughtful is a joy to behold.’ 

‘I am of course a fan of many comics and was delighted to pick up a number of excellent titles and pieces of work last weekend at Dublin Comic con. The Dublin 2019 team worked hard and we gave away thousands of books and comics to fans as part of outreach, promoting reading to younger fans and encouraging interest in Dublin 2019. As well as promoting and letting cosplayers know about our Masquerade we let people know that information on our Creators Alley and Dealers Tables are now also available online and we are taking applications’

Dublin 2019 runs from August 15th to 19th in the Convention Centre in Dublin. You can check out more details on their website or follow them on Twitter for updates.