Kickstarter: The Soul Of The Sea

BELFAST, NORTHER IRELAND 25.03.2019 — Fracture Press is pleased to announce an all-new, original comic series, The Soul Of The Sea by Roddy McCance and Donna A. Black which is sepia tinged look at an island community off the Atlantic Coast of Ireland.

The Soul Of The Sea is a folk horror meets ghost story that follows a former Doctor, Thomas Guin as he travels to the remote island community of Inishdanu, to find answers about his son who disappeared several years before, when his fishing boat The Soul Of The Sea capsized near the island. His body was never found…

The Soul Of The Sea is a comic book inspired by stories by Michelle Paver, Susan Hill, Edgar Allen Poe and M.R James. A story to read on a cold, dark rainy night. Donna A. Black uses a combination of photographs, painting, traditional comic art and digital painting to bring The Soul Of The Sea to life. A unique story-telling experience that will make your hairs stand on end. 

“The Soul Of The Sea is about a man who has lost everything and his attempt to deal with the grief of losing his son as well as his faith. It’s a slow building decent into madness, obsession and the perils of organised religion.

The Soul Of The Sea Issue #1 will be available on Kickstarter on Monday 25th of March and pre-orders close on April 25th.