Michael Carroll To Write Judge Dredd: The Musical

In news that we heard from a bloke on the internet named Paul who seemed to know a lot about 2000AD, Michael Carroll, who currently writes Judge Dredd in comics and novella form, is set to write him in musical form.

We asked the folks at 2000AD for a comment:

“Who is this? How did you get this number!?” “Judge Dredd the what?!” “Is this you Mike?” “Please don’t sing that song again!!”

Not being entirely successful there, we went to Michael Carroll. “The song? Oh they probably mean “I Am The Law And The Law Won””. “I’m quite proud of it. Can you imagine Sly singing that one?” When asked about his qualifications for writing the musical, he responded “Well it’s just writing words about Judge Dredd except with music”. We then quizzed him about what other songs may feature. “Oh. It’s mostly re-worked lyrics from the best band in the world: Alphaville.” It was then that we noticed his was clutching a copy of the 35th Anniversary Edition of the album Forever Young. “I’ve already got one done already, it’s called “Big In Mega-City One”.” Upon hearing his offer to ‘have a go at singing it”, we said we would for the comic book adaptation.