Irish Comic Art Picks April

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter or Instagram. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

FAO the current pool (and those looking to be included):

Artists have the option to submit a piece on any given month rather than leave it up to myself to choose (via social media, or email mentioned below). This may be for a reason like you’ve a book coming out that month and want an image used that could promote said book. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link or a link to a website/social media post. It’s an option for each artist to use if they feel the need. If nothing is received from an artist, then the selection reverts to the current system where I choose the piece. The email account also means that artists who don’t do social media can also get their art into the Art Picks feature.

The email address is: stephenartpicks[at]gmail[dot]com

Ruairí Coleman – Daredevil commission

Donna Black – The Soul of the Sea teaser/WIP

John McGuinness – The Dragon Prince fan art

Cat Byrne – ‘The Lament of Gravlax’ teaser ( appears in 2000AD fanzine Sector 13 #5)

Eoin Barclay – Captain America as a knight.

Sarah Bowie.

Barry O’Sullivan.

Karla McKnight – DMC5 fan art

Kevin Keane (line art) and Wayne Talbot (colour art) – Rocket Racoon and Groot

Aoife Duffy – BTS fan art

TwistedDoodles – Tormund the barista / Game of Thrones fan art

@abhainn_fionn – ‘The Great Wall of O’Bálla’ (read full comic here)

Brian Corcoran – WIP
Sean Northridge – WIP

Joseph McCafferty – Game of Thrones fan art

Ken Mahon – Rabid Bits of Time cover art

James Seymour – WIP

Rebecca Nalty – DCM5 fan art

Stefanie Reville – Final Fantasy IX fan art

Ian Fay.

Chris O’Halloran (colour art)  – War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery #1 (line art by André Lima Araújo)

Morgan O’Brien.

Hayley Mulcahy – Moomin fan art

Jess Hourigan – ‘Young Naive Me’ single cover art

Michael Arbuthnot – ‘Identity: What Exactly Is Elizabeth Blink?’

Stephen Mooney (line art) and Len O’Grady (colour art) – Star Trek: Waypoint teaser.

Adam Law.

Mark Reihill – Hellboy illustration for Starburst magazine

Stephen Byrne – layouts to final color

Daniella Bella – WIP

Thomothomthom (read full comic here)


Matthew Melis – Chocolat Noir WIP


Bob Byrne

Gareth Luby – Spider-Ham fan art

Colm Griffin (line art) and Albert Lledo (colour art) – Captain Marvel sample page

Patrick Mulholland – WIP

Leonie O’Moore – Ahsoka / Star Wars fan art

Debbie Jenkinson.

Charlot Kristensen – ‘Toxic Consumption’ art for Dublin Inquirer.

Will Sliney – Solo #7 teaser.

Evan Clarke.

Mackinley Raftery – Ghost Lobster

Paul Bolger – Hellboy fan art

Hilary Lawler – Dehra Chichester

India Swift – Amy / Sonic fan art

Gary O’Donnell

Cormac Hughes – Aliens: Resistance fan art

Conor Carroll – Jon Snow / Game of Thrones fan art

Niall MacGiolla.

Ben Hennessy – Wolverine commission

Clara Dudley – ‘Slice’ anthology cover art

Alfie Gallagher  – ‘Silent Running’ commission

Karen Harte – ‘Happy as Lazzaro’ illustration for Totally Dublin

Brian Burke – Yakuza fan art

Kimi Kurbanova – Puffin Rock / draw in your own style challenge.

Clare Foley – VIII: Strength

Amy McMahon (read full comic here)

Katie Fleming – WIP

Anthony O’Neill – sketch of San Giorgio Maggiore


@neevok – Derry Girls fan art

Declan Shalvey – Fallen World #2 variant cover

Kasia Brzezinska – Critical Role fan art

Eoin Marron (line art) and Tríona Farrell (colour art) – Killer Groove #2 cover art

Phil Murphy – My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic #77 cover art

Luca Pizzari – Castlevania fan art

Ruarí Coleman (line art) and Joseph Griffin (colour art) – Daredevil and Kingpin

Elle Power – WIP

Aaron Losty – ‘Now or Never’ (read full comic here)

Katherine Foyle – ‘Beloved’ (read full comic here)

John McCrea – Demon sketch cover.

Danny Earls – ‘Hellfire’ teaser

PJ Holden – Deaths Head

Gavin Fullerton – Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #3 variant cover art

Jamie Lalor – ‘See You Soon’ (read full comic here)

Aaron McSweeney – Joker and Batman

Eoin Coveney – illustration work for Dinardo, USA.

Liam Naughton

John White – portrait of Ronnie James Dio

Isabella von Metzradt

Jim Lavery – Wolverine sample page

Fintan Taite – Catbeard the Terrible Pirate

Rob Carey – Rogue fan art

Leeann Hamilton

Matt Griffin – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – A Crash of Fate cover art

Paul Carroll – Spider-Ham fan art

Lucy Toner.

Phillip Murray – Warbird

Tara O’Connor – concept art for ‘Fly By Night’

Cian Tormey (line art) – Robin (colour art by Alonso Espinoza)

Rob Anthony

Keith Kennedy

Amanda Spitzner

Harry Conway – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice fan art

Colin Craker – ‘The Writer’ (read full comic here)

Brian Naughton – Kamen Rider fan art

Rebecca Reynolds – entry for Comics Lab competition (written by Hugo Boylan. Full comic here)

Anthea West

Becca Carey – Firefly : Bad Company #1 variant cover

John Devlin – Sekiro commission

Jason Browne – Photon fan art

Katie O’Meara

Phil Dunne – ‘Reply’ (entry to Comics Lab competition. Read full comic here)

Matthew Shiell

Alé Mercado – adapation of “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” by Weill/Brecht (entry for Comics Lab competition. Full comic here)

Liadh Young – BTS’ V / BTS fan art

Derek Keogh – WIP for Black Sheep Comics anthology

Gearoid Molloy – commission


Stuart McCune

Nick Roche (line art) – Deaths Head #1 cover art (colour art by Felipe Sobreiro)

Stephen Thompson – Star Trek Year Five #1 teaser art
Luke Healy

James Sharkey – Cammy / Street Fighter fan art

Dee Cunniffe (colour art) – The Replacer cover art ( line art by Arjuna Susini)

Ciaran Lucas – ‘They’ve come to snuff the rooster (he ain’t gonna die!)’

Hugh Madden – entry for Comics Lab competition (read full comic here)

Anna Fitzpatrick – Game of Thrones fan art

Nathan Stockman (line art) – Iceman: Amazing Friends teaser (colour art by ToonFed)

Naomi Noodle – Roomies #2 cover art

Rosie Haghighi

John Cullen – 1412: badly drawn dolphin 28

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