Pride Month: 100 Times

Since we are in the month of June, I thought ICN should do something for Pride. I decided to cover some LGBTQ characters in Irish comics so I reached out to some creators to talk about characters they had created or worked on. First up, we have Katie Fleming who co-created the wonderful 100 Times. I didn’t realise that I hadn’t been represented in Irish Comics until I read 100 Times by Katie Fleming and E. Kerr. It is the endearing tale of  story Myran and his new werewolf boyfriend Quill. It follows them through the honeymoon period of their relationship as they meet each others family, learn about each others food habits and what to do on a full moon. From the moment the couple meet in a “were-bar”, I was captivated by this book and its use of a werewolf to comment on and poke fun at everyday relationships but more specifically, to me, an LGBT relationship. The witty dialogue, the spot-on slice-of-life moments and cleverly crafted facial expressions all come together to create an excellent story. 

“When myself and my partner made 100 Times we never thought it would receive the reception it did.  We made it three weeks before Dublin Comic Con so we would have a comic to sell.  It was easy for us to write, the characters were based off old D&D characters we had.  Like I’ve said before, the name 100 Times comes from us coming up with lots of different stories and scenarios for Quill and Myran, so the scripting process was pretty much us choosing the ones that fitted into the narrative we wanted. It was our first comic together and the first time I felt like an actual comic creator.  Now I look back on it in horror a bit, there’s a lot of things I’d fix or change, but that’s the charm of it. I can look back on those books and see them as a time I wasn’t concerned about what people thought,  we were in creative flow and we made something that still feels really light and fun.We made those books together because as queer creatives, we wanted to make something we wanted to see and what we wanted to read.”

“We weren’t expecting the positive feedback 100 Times received.  I’ve had wonderful messages from people who read the books and were able to relate and connect to the characters and their experiences, I’ve been able to attend LGBT+ Youth Groups and tell my story as a queer creator and help them find their own creative voices. I’m glad Quill and Myran can be out there in the big wide world and help us tell the stories we wanted to. They’re books that were made on a whim but have helped me find my own voice and figure out what I want to do: Make the comics and stories that people like me want to read.”

100 Times can be read here: