Happy Mondays: Small Press Days

The poster for the Autumn DCAF event by Dearbhla Kelly

You know Irish Comic News is all about the comics so you know we are all about events that are about the comics. Last Saturday, we had two: the quarterly DCAF event at the Chocolate Factory and the start of a month long schedule of Small Press Days by Forbidden Planet. I popped into both and have to say it is great to see the number of smaller events increase. The folks behind DCAF have been in the business of events for quite a while and always bring a great mix of creators to their shows. It was nice to see creators like Roddy McCance and Donna Black making the trip down from the North and showed the wider appeal of the event.

The Forbidden Planet event has evolved from one day event to a more intimate event focusing on a smaller group of creators each Saturday in July. First up was Rogue Comics and Limit Break Comics who are both building up quite a library of books. Artist Gareth Luby was on hand providing sketches.

As always, if anybody is putting together an event for Small Press, let us know and we will give it a plug.