Lad: The Homecoming campaign now live on KickStarter

Umar Ditta has launched the ‘Lad: The Homecoming’ campaign over on KickStarter. The project features a number of familiar names from the Irish comic scene, so we here at ICN are giving it a signal boost.

The pitch from the KickStarter page:

Taking inspiration from neo-noir films and comics, Lad is set in a world that is similar to ours but yet feels hauntingly different.

The Family conduct their criminal activities from the Beacon Lodge. They have been for a while and everyone one knows that the town belongs to The Family. There is however one place where no Family Member would dare set foot: The Forest.

Engulfing most of the town’s perimeter, The Forest is home to a mysterious entity known only as The Hermit. For as long as Lad can remember there’s been one mantra in The Family: leave The Hermit alone and The Hermit leaves The Family alone. So why was Dad, the patriarchal leader of The Family found savagely beaten and barely clinging on to life just outside The Forest?

In The Family’s eyes this is an act of war. An act of war that sets in motion a series of events that will change everything for Lad, forever.

This is a project I have been keeping an eye out for when I saw some teaser art shared on social media. For the curious, there is plenty more art to look at on the campaign page.

There are a number of tiers available, they start with the digital (£2) and physical (£4) tiers of the comic. There are also tiers to add prints, copies of Transdimensional trilogy (a previous project by Ditta.)

And if you’re still not convince, I recommend you visit the campaign page to see the blurbs from some well known names in comics.

Link to the KickStarter campaign page

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