Anna Fitzpatrick Returns To Alien Heart

Following the successful completion of her Between Worlds Kickstarter (which produced a beautiful hardcover available here), Anna Fitzpatrick is returning to work on another of her webcomics, Alien Heart. I was really intrigued by this story after discovering it recently. As with all of her all her projects, Anna has a particular art style for this series. I find it most notable in the colour choices which I think help to create an alien feel to the book, while the pencils ground it in reality. It goes hand in hand with a science fiction setting surrounding a slice of (LGBTQ) life story. I have shared my favourite page of the recent updates which I have been getting a little early as I have just become one of her backers on Patreon. The art is beautiful and the story is slowly building. Anna is hoping to provide 3 to 5 pages a week up until a future Kickstarter for it. Worth checking out. Also, back Anna and pick up Between Worlds (which I am working on a review of).