Bun&Tea #1 campaign now live on KickStarter

The second KickStarter signal boost for today is Bun&Tea #1. The comic features a story scripted by Gary Moloney (with art by Raquel Kusiak Burgos) so may be of interest to some ICN readers.

From the KickStarter page:

Do you ever want to take a minute and just be told a story? I do. All the time!

I’m Claire Napier, the editor of BUN&TEA, a comics project that’s designed to make people who want the things that I want happy. I’ve been a voice in comics criticism since 2012, largely at WWAC where I was also the longterm Features Ed and, from summer 2017 to spring 2018, the EiC. I know what I want and what I don’t want from comics, and so having retired as an editor of criticism I’m giving it a whirl as editor of a comics fiction magazine. I say it’s for adults, but younger people will enjoy it too—as long as they’ve heard the word “fuck” already, and don’t get too upset by doom and death.

BUN&TEA is approximately sixty-five pages long per month (that’s about three times the usual length of an American monthly issue), but—! It’s a magazine! So while B&T has plenty of comics stories (fifty of those pages will contain graphic narrative), it comes with all the magazine-y trimmings. Like a quiz. Who doesn’t want a quiz? If you want a quiz, please select your backer tier and enjoy. If you don’t want a quiz, please select your backer tier, and later just scroll past it.

Yes: the bulk of the thing will be the comics story segments. These stories are optimised for their page length: B&T is a celebration of the serial narrative format, so I’ve been working editorially with each involved contributor—six solo cartoonists, six teams—to make sure that

  • they have a whole story to tell you, no trailing off or changing direction midway,
  • each chapter of that story will be fun to read in its own, isolated right, and
  • six chapters of these perfect, jewel-like segments are fully planned (written outline, basic dialogue, and drafted layouts) before production begins.

BUN&TEA’s comics come from an array of creators in the United States, Australia, England, Ireland, Spain, Chile, and Wales-via-Finland. We are a trans-friendly publication, and contain several queer romances of varying tone.

The campaign has a digital tier, art print only tier, physical comic tier as well as a tier including the rewards from all other tiers.

There’s also plenty of teasers from the comic so I’d recommend you head to the campaign page to have a look. Hopefully it’ll convince you to help get this comic funded.

Link to KickStarter page

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