Transdimensional #4 KickStarter campaign now live

The campaign for the 4th (and final installment) of the Transdimensional mini-series has launched over on KickStarter (ICN review for #1 here).

From the campaign page:

TRANSDIMENSIONAL is a 4-issue sci-fi/horror miniseries that will appeal to fans of ALIENS, THE ABYSS, EVENT HORIZON and INFINITE DARK.

The story focuses on Deacon Price, an emotionally broken underwater archaeologist who charters an expedition under false pretenses to a downed Soviet submarine that’s been missing for decades. Deacon is suffering from horrific visions that he is keeping secret from his family and friends. He is also struggling to deal with the long-term illness his daughter Evie is suffering, which has contributed to the breakup of his relationship with Evie’s mother Grace Abbott.

Deacon lies to his employers about his true motivation for finding the Russian sub and assembles a crew (including Grace and his best friend Coop) to go deep beneath the waves to explore it. What he and his crew find there will not only put their lives at risk, but also the lives of everyone they’ve ever known!

The story gets progressively darker, more intense and horrifying as it goes along, and this is your opportunity to be one of the first to read the gory and harrowing conclusion.

The campaign has the usual digital and print tiers. And because it’s the final issue of the mini-series, there’s also an option for a graphic novel of all four issues. So the ‘but I didn’t read the earlier issues’ excuse won’t fly for this campaign.

I’ve enjoyed the story so far and am interested to see how it all concludes. If you’re looking for a good horror story, I’d recommend you pledge to the campaign.

Link to KickStarter page

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