Review: Kitteenies: Luffly & Bee

Review by David Ferguson

Created by Leeann Hamilton

The power of Leeann Hamilton’s Kitteenies has always been her ability to create cute and endearing characters and to place them in an a story that tugs at the reader’s heart strings. It is a combination of her chameleon like art skills, where she is as able to tailor her art to whatever kind of story she wants to tell, and her dexterity as a writer. This story is no different. On the outside, it appears to be a simple story of young, special needs kitten trying to find their way in the world. However, Leeann uses her skills to bring real heart to the character. Just looking at the cover tells you a lot about Bee’s happy, care-free attitude. Long-time fans of the series will be happy to see the return of Luffly, now as an adult. (The book includes an update on the other Kitteenies too). I really enjoyed returning to the world of Kitteenies and hope that we get to see more. It is always emotional.

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