Heart of Steal #1 campaign now live on KickStarter

Another KickStarter campaign that should interest regular ICN readers launched earlier today. Heart of Steal #1 feature line art by Katie Fleming.

The campaign has digital and physical comic tiers, as well as options for prints. There’s also the option to appear in a later issue of the series.

From the KickStarter page:

Heart of Steal is a brand new action/crime caper comic about three estranged friends who find themselves on a collision course following an audacious robbery. It’s a story about loyalty, friendship and ambition in a world where the rules have been turned upside down.

The Story

Desperate to save her dying brother, teenage cat-burglar Toni Doinel steals the only transplant heart available in the sprawling moon metropolis of Alpha City. However, the heart belongs to a notorious gangster, who’s not about to give it up without a fight!

Toni’s daring heist puts her on a collision course with two estranged childhood friends, gang lieutenant Michael Roche and city cop Oscar Navarro. In one crazy night, Toni, Michael and Oscar will discover what they are willing to risk for family, clan and aspiration in a city where you carve out your stake any way you can!

The campaign has already passed 50%, so get pledging to help get this comic released into the world!

Link to campaign page

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