The Read Pile, A Visit to Dublin Comic Con

Well another Dublin Comic Con has been and gone. As usual it was a bumper weekend for picking up Irish Comics as there were A LOT of launches. This leaves me with a pile of books to read (and possibly review). Since I have World Con commitments, I thought I’d give some passing comments on the books I managed to get my hands on.

  • Tales of Eternal Worlds – This is a quite interesting book. Artist Oisin Roche has a style that is reminiscent of a bygone age and really plays to the horror vibe the creators are going for. If I was to make a comparison to another artist, I would say Bernie Wrightson. A variety of writers contribute to this unique looking magazine but I think they would agree that it is the art that is going to sell this book.
  • Kancir – I think this book is nearly sold out already and I’m happy to say that as all proceeds go to benefit the Irish Cancer Society (a charity that is close to a lot of peoples’ hearts). I’m not familiar with writer Derek O’Leary but he has created an interesting concept. Kevin Keane reunites with his Neon Skies colourist Cristian Sabarre on art. As seen with the Guards, he is able to mix real life with the strange with ease.
  • Lens – A preview of a story that is to be serialised in Bun & Tea. A tale of a photographer that is an assassin (described as what if Lois Lane was John Wick). Gary Maloney has created a cool concept and I like Raquel Kusiak’s art a lot. The design elements are excellent.
  • Plexis – Paul Carroll’s Kickstarter funded science fiction anthology brings 3 unique tales with art by Rebecca Reynolds, someone who is really on our radar after Valerie (a book we need to talk about), Colm Griffin, who goes from strength to strength on Ocean City and Steve Mardo, whose work I am seeing for the first time. There is a nice mix of stories that is highlighted even more by using artists with 3 quite different art styles. Paul is at Dublin 2019, An Irish World Con, if you want to grab a copy.
  • The Dark Pool issue 1 – Barry Keegan returns to the world of The Bog Road which seemed to please a lot of the other creators as it was the one that was most mentioned to me. I am happy to see more of this world as The Bog Road was one of my favourites from 2018. Beautiful colours from George Patrick Gama (more on him in a sec).
  • The League Of Volunteers – This was one of the books that made me smile when I opened it. Barry Keegan and Robert Carey’s League of Volunteer artwork collected in one volume. However, the smile has a lot to do with the fact that this volume is coloured by George Patrick Gama who really adds to the storytelling. Rob Curley’s word building gets showcased here as we get the character bios from the single issues. It also includes variant covers from a variety of well known Irish artists. It makes me want to see some new stuff.