Review: Between Worlds

Review by David Ferguson

Created by Anna Fitzpatrick

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a webcomic with an art style that just dragged me into the story. A painted world full of wondrous castles, vivid landscapes and dark emotions. The art was a mood. A knight had fallen from grace, seemingly on the whim of her king, down into a dark place. It was reminiscent of a Final Fantasy, an influence Anna Fitzpatrick notes herself, but was entirely its own thing. Interlaced into the tale of this broken knight were scenes of her time before becoming a knight where we learn more about her backstory and maybe that there was more to her fall than we were first led to believe. The story is also the tale of a young witch in training who is trying to help the knight. It has a diverse cast and the world building is quite amazing really. There are different cities filled with different ethnicities and cultures and there is a history. It is in the background but it informs the story. There is so much to it that it cries out for more stories to be told. Suffice to say that I finished the webcomic in one sitting.

Cut to years later and I discover that Anna Fitzpatrick has launched a Kickstarter to fund a hardcover release of the series. I am both delighted and worried at the same time. Anna has decided to go back and make the art more consistent and fix some of the lettering. The book took years to originally complete and Anna naturally improved her skills over the course of posting the pages online and through the subsequent years. I was worried that the updated art would lose some of the untamed emotion of the original webcomic. I am delighted to say it did not. The improvements were definitely for the better and now I have a beautiful volume sitting on my shelf for my, what I expect to be frequent, revisits to Between Worlds. This book is a must for fans of fantasy. The art is a mood.

You can pick up a copy of Between Worlds on Anna Fitzpatrick’s website: