Irish Comic Art Picks July

Irish Comic Art Picks. Pages, commissions, doodles, works in progress and everything in between, this feature shows you some of the best work by Irish Comic Artists from around the web every month. Feel free to submit work and links through any ICN links on social media (Facebook or Twitter) or Stephen on Twitter or Instagram. Remember, support artists and follow their links.

FAO the current pool (and those looking to be included):

Artists have the option to submit a piece on any given month rather than leave it up to myself to choose (via social media, or email mentioned below). This may be for a reason like you’ve a book coming out that month and want an image used that could promote said book. This can be in the form of a Dropbox link or a link to a website/social media post. It’s an option for each artist to use if they feel the need. If nothing is received from an artist, then the selection reverts to the current system where I choose the piece. The email account also means that artists who don’t do social media can also get their art into the Art Picks feature.

The email address is: stephenartpicks[at]gmail[dot]com

Graham Corcoran – Dare to Dream cover art

Alfie Gallagher – Heart of Steal print

@neevok – Loona fan art

Colin Langan – ‘Mettle’ WIP

John Flynn – Dourga

Gary O’Donnell

Stephen Mooney – Web of Black Widow teaser art

Conor Carroll – Hudson Taylor fan art

Clare Foley – XII: The Hanged Man

John McCrea – Hitman commission

Aaron McSweeney

Jason Browne – Muppets/ Hogwars mash up.

Patrick Mulholland – My Hero Academia print


John Cullen – 1445: out of order

Ruairí Coleman – Thor

John McGuinness – Nymph watercolour

Alan Hurley

Keith Kennedy

Naomi Noodle – Vlad / Blood Stain fan art

Luke Healy – The Comedians teaser (read the rest here)

Dee McDonnell – Cloud / Final Fantasy 7 fan art

Phil Murphy (line art) – Teen Titans Go! #35 teaser (colour art by Franco Riesco)

Kasia Brzezinska

Brian Corcoran – WIP

Ken Mahon – Bloodborne

Leonie O’Moore – Justice League Dark fan art

Stefanie Reville – Stranger Things fan art

Phil Dunne – ‘Beauty One’

Kimi Kurbanova – Midsommar fan art

Claire McLoughlin – Overwatch fan art

Evan Clarke – ‘draw in your own style’ challenge (OC by @radjinja)

@Helixel – Becky Lynch

Stephen Byrne – Wonder Twins #6 cover art

Becca Carey – Buffy the vampire slayer #6 variant cover

Kinley Raftery

Ian Fay – Dream Daddy Geralt print

@onisoda – Roller Slayer

Luca Pizzari – Flash / Chain Lightning saga fan art

Han Deacon – Calla ( Dublin & Dragons fan art)

Barry O’Sullivan – WIP

Twisted Doodles

Sarah Bowie

Paddy Lynch – ‘The feeling when your book is *that* good you can’t even put it down to bring the dog for a walk. ‘

@Blargberriess – Loki and Thor print

Alan Ryan – Minnie the Minx

Chris O’Halloran (colour art) –  Star Wars: Age of Resistance #1 (line art by Matteo Buffagni)

Brian Naughton – Black Panther fan art

Phillip Murray – Hellboy fan art

Wayne Talbot – Jester/ Critical Role fan art

Rob Carey ( line art) and Ellie Wright (colour art) – James Bond 007 #12 cover art

Amy McMahon – Skyrim fan art

Anna Fitzpatrick – Alien Heart teaser (read Alien Heart here)

Fintan Taite

Marianna Mooney – art from *Graveyard Fiends* project. (a collectable card game to help children do well in school)

Rapha Lobosco – art print for Lad: The Homecoming Kickstarter campaign

Karen Harte – artwork for The Breakout Role Podcast

Hugh Madden – ‘Hammer of the Witches’ teaser

Katie O’Meara – ‘Am, the lovely genderfluid doppelganger warlock/fighter who’s taken to being a tiefling lately!

Brian Burke – Killer Groove fan art

Jaime Lawlor – After Yesterday teaser (read the rest here)

Donna Black – Soul of the Sea teaser

James Guinnevan Seymour

Fiona Boniwell – Cereberus’ New Trick WIP

Elle Power – art as part of Knights of the Light Table Drawpile stream

Stuart McCune – Actors teaser

Stephen Thompson (line art)  – Star Trek Year Five #7 cover art (colour by Charlie Kirchoff)

India Swift – fan art of  ‘Return to Wherever’ album by TWRP

Matthew Melis – Chocolat Noir WIP

Liam Naughton – Re:Grow teaser  (available to read here)

Rob Anthony

Barry Keegan

Anthea West – ‘Tales’ artbook cover inks

Will Sliney (line art) – Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man #10 variant cover (colour art by David Curiel)

Mark Reihill – Off Girl #7 teaser

Harry Conway – ‘Winter Warrior’

Dearbhla Kelly – poster for Dublin Comic Arts Festival

Cian Tormey (line art) – Kid Flash (colour art by Alonso Espinosa)

Mot Collins

Rebecca Reynolds – Neon Genesis Evangelion fan art

Michael Doig – Strive (from TWPR’s Starlight Brigade)


Matt Griffin – ‘Home to the Sietch’ (art for special edition of Dune book)

Gareth Luby – Iron Man

Declan Shalvey – Loki #2 variant cover

Nick Roche – sketch done at Glasgow Comic Con

Leeann Hamilton – SHSL Model fan art

Eoin Marron (line art) and Jordie Bellaire (colour art) – Killer Groove #3 teaser

Hayley Mulcahy – Paradiso (for Spotify playlist to accompany the webcomic)

Ciaran Lucas – Hellboy / Little Mermaid mash up

@LugoMaster – Pokemon fan art


Anthony O’Neill – ‘Magnetic Attraction’ (Magneto and Wolverine fan art)

Albert Lledo – ‘The Uwohali. An old free thinker warrior. Ancient Greece meets the wild west.’

Sean Northridge – Tintin fan art

Niall MacGiolla – Drink ‘n’ Draw poster

Stephen Downey – Omega Red v Wolverine fan art

Karla McKnight – ‘Gerudo Queens’ (Legend of Zelda fan art)

Kevin Keane – Nazferatu WIP

Bob Byrne

Daniel Mawhinney – Strontium Dog fan art

Tríona Farrell – Chastity cover art (line art by Nick Bradshaw)

PJ Holden – ‘Island’ (written by John Reppion)


Fran Johnston – Tree Fairy

@barcswow – Captain America fan art


Shannon Biondi – ‘Godzilla’s Next Challenger’ (submission to the monthly challenge run by @svslearn )

Tara O’Connor – Tifa warm-up doodle / Final Fantasy fan art

Dave McG

David O’Sullivan – Analog #6 cover art

Katie Fleming – Lift! teaser art

Aoife Duffy – Midsommar fan art

Jim Lavery – Galactus warm up sketch / fan art

Alan Dunne – poster for Ukulele Hooley

John White – Shane Lowry illustration for Sunday Independent

Liadh Young – commission of Jimin / BTS fan art

Nathan Stockman – Spider-man and Mary Jane commission

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