Rapha Lobosco Draws Irish Comic Characters

From “Heavy Black” by Hugo Boylan and Rapha Lobosco

A lot of artists are at the beginning of their month long stint of Inktober sketches. We would remind everyone that it is not a competition and to do what you can, if you can do anything at all.

Artist Rapha Lobosco has just become a dad so he may or may not do every day. However, we are happy with what he has selected as his theme: characters from Irish Comics! He started with a sketch of characters from “Heavy Black”, his first independent comic in Ireland, written by Hugo Boylan. He moved on to the very popular “Carrie and Rufus” by Ben Hennessy.

From “Carrie and Rufus” by Ben Hennessy (WIP)

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Stay tuned for Stephen Ward’s October Art Picks: The Mega Collection 😉