Review: The Last Scarecrow

Review by David Ferguson

  • Art, writing, colouring and logo by Aaron Losty
  • Lettering and design by Becca Carey

The interesting thing about the last few comics I have reviewed is the various methods they use to tell a story. With the Last Scarecrow we see a focus on a number of new ones. A gang called The Stabs await an attack from a hated enemy while their general loses his grip on reality. A story that is largely built on tension. Aaron Losty uses the dialogue to slowly amp it up while at the same time driving the story forward. Layers of information are unwrapped through organic conversation between gang members. While their commander Nix’s narration gives more insight into the general as she evaluates the situation she finds herself in. Aaron also has a unique art style that I enjoy but, from a storytelling point of view, it is the colours that add the most to the bubbling tension, with red tones and darkness painting the growing madness of the general. Something akin to Apocalypse Now’s latter scenes. With Becca Carey on design, there are extra touches that bring things together to create a very good looking book. Overall, we have a book that deftly creates tension and slowly builds it to a satisfying conclusion.

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