Comics out this week (20/Nov/19)

Here’s this weeks round-up of comics released featuring Irish comic people as part of the creative team. So check them out when you’re picking up comics this week.

Also, if any creators have a comic released on any week, feel free to let us know so we can include it in that weeks round-up. You can contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Tommy Guns Wizards #4

Written by Christian Ward.
Line art by Sami Kivelä.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.
Letters by Hassan Otsame-Elhaou.

Steeple #3 (variant cover)

Written by John Allison.
Line art by John Allison.
Colour art by Sarah Stern.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover art by Nick Roche and Josh Burcham.

Crowded #10

Written by Christopher Sebela.
Pencils by Ro Stein.
Inks by Ted Brandt.
Colour art by Triona Farrell.
Letters by Cardinal Rae.

Lucifer #14

Written by Dan Watters.
Line art by Fernando Blanco.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.
Letters by Steve Wands.

Cerberus’ New Trick (free digital comic available here)

Written by Brendan O’Connell.
Illustrated by Fiona Boniwell.

Annihilation Scourge Alpha #1

Written by Matthew Rosenberg.
Line art by Juanan Ramirez and Cian Tormey.
Colour art by Toonfed.
Letters by Cory Petit.

Ice Cream Man #16

Written by M. Maxwell Prince.
Line art by Martin Marazzo.
Colour art by Chris O’Halloran.
Letters by Good Old Neon.

Olympia #1

Written by Curt Pires.
Line art by Tony Pires.
Colour art by Dee Cunniffe.
Letters by Micah Myers.

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