Review: Bags (Or A Story Thereof)

Review by David Ferguson

  • Created by Patrick McHale
  • Adapted and illustrated by Gavin Fullerton
  • Colours by Whitney Cogar
  • Letters by Marie Enger

This comic is the story of John Motts and his search for his dog Beth. He travels through the strange town he lives in running into an eclectic cast that included bad boys, a walrus, and the Devil. John Motts comes across as simple, but he is so easy to empathise with and, as the story progresses, you get to learn that maybe he knows more about the world than most people. The story is told in a pretty straightforward way but uses a flashback device at the right moment that really had an impact. I loved how the character designs differed from each other. John Motts, the Walrus and the Devil all had more cartoony looks but the cop in the story, his wife and Beth all looked more realistic. I think this works to extract the right feelings from the reader. For example, it is much easier to feel sorry for John Motts when is dog looks so realistic. Ultimately, the story works so well because the emotion it is able to create and because it really has something to say about the world. This is a very strange but ultimately very endearing story that deals with various philosophies of life and the universe. Have to admit. This one got to me. I hope people check it out.