Review: Fargo The Giant

Review by David Ferguson

  • Created, Written And Lettered by Ray Roche
  • Illustrated by Donna A. Black

This is not so much a comic as a children’s picture book. Each page features an illustration by Donna A. Black with Ray Roche’s words telling the story. I don’t mean this as a criticism as I think this works perfectly for the kind of story Ray is telling. The book had its origin in a story told to Ray by his grandfather of how if he lay down on his pillow and listened, the beats he hears are the footsteps of a giant. Ray adapted this to be Fargo The Giant walking through a child called Olivia’s dreams, protecting her. We meet an interesting array of characters, all beautifully illustrated by Donna A Black. Ray tells the story well and Donna’s art is just wonderful. She has burst on the Irish scene with a mixed media style that sets her apart. I think this would look even better as a big hardback book like the ones you see for children’s books. Maybe a bit dark for younger children but a great fairytale for us older ones.