DCAF Christmas Market, New Books On Sale

It’s beginning to look a lot like Festivus. However, to prevent yourself reigning down blows on someone over a toy, we at Irish Comic News think you should head over to The Chocolate Factory this weekend, grab a delicious coffee and support some local creators. We have heard on the Twitters that there’ll be some new books there. Here’s a few to check out.

Hugh Madden has THREE new books out. He will also have copies of the wonderful Iron Rabbit. One of my favourite books of 2019.
Ken Mahon will have a new Worldender book at the event. I feel like we haven’t given him enough attention so I will hopefully review this one.
One of the creators behind the Comics Lab, the wonderful people who bring you DCAF, and a very talented artist too, Sarah Bowie, brings you 3 Days In New York

There are too many creators to mention but if you follow DCAF on Twitter, they will give you some bios of who will be there.

DCAF on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dublincomicarts

I’ll hopefully be there to grab a bunch of books for me and for some friends (as gifts).