Happy Mondays: Proteus Vex

I am big fan of Michael Carroll’s writing so I was delighted to hear that he was getting to do his own book Proteus Vex, along with artist Henry Flint, under the 2000AD umbrella. Here’s a quote from a recent 2000AD interview:

The setting is some four decades after the end of a very brutal fourteen-century-long intergalactic war against a race called The Obdurate. Everyone is still kind of picking up the pieces. The eponymous Proteus Vex was a soldier for the Imperium Ascendant, the winning side, and is now a trouble-shooting agent for the Ascendant. He’s not a very nice person. He’s less ‘James Bond in a tuxedo making smug quips’, more ‘stand on your neck until you tell him what he wants to know’. In this story, Vex has been assigned to track down a missing high-level officer of the Ascendant. This brings him to the pretty horrible war-ravaged world of Korregag, which is where the story kicks off.

The first part of the story hits stores this Wednesday as part 2000AD’s Holiday Special.