Happy Mondays: Judges: Psyche, Witchfinder Omnibus

Always happy to see work pop-up from my favourite writers and I have just heard about two books featuring the talent of Maura McHugh.

Outside comics, we like to keep an eye on some books that relate to comics or feature comic book characters. I’ve always been a fan of Judge Anderson and now Maura McHugh (who recently had an Anderson story in the Megazine) is going back to the origins of the Psi Division in the novella, Judges: Psyche. There will be only a couple of hundred physical copies so head over to 2000AD to order a copy. The Judge Dredd novellas have been great (a lot of thanks goes to Michael Carroll).

Another book featuring Maura’s work is the Witchfinder Omnibus. The volume features her story The Mysteries of Unland, which was co-written by Kim Newman. More details available on the Dark Horse website.