Sector 13 Issue Six Available To Order, Will Simpson Story

Sector 13 issue six is coming an it features the work of a bunch of great Irish Creators including Cat Byrne and Glen Matchett. Details on what’s in the book and getting a copy are available here. The big news of course is the Will Simpson story so we will give you the press release


Since 2011, Belfast-based artist Will Simpson has probably been best known as a key concept artist and lead storyboarder on the Game of Thrones TV series.  Almost all of the iconic sequences that captivated fans over the eight seasons of the series first came to life at Will’s skilful hands.

His recently published book, “Game of Thrones, The Storyboards”, gives a fascinating insight into both the creative process involved in the most popular fantasy series of all time and, the incredible skill and imagination of the Northern Irish artist.

But Will had a career before Game of Thrones and his film work, as a comic artist for Marvel, DC and the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, 2000AD.  He has comics in his blood and has never lost his love of the medium.  Will also happens to be a good guy, someone it is fun to talk to about movies, old TV shows and, yes comics.

That’s how he fell in with a bunch of middle-aged comic fans from Belfast who produce their own ‘fanzine’, a non-profit, semi-annual tribute to the long-running, weekly, UK based scifi comic, 2000AD.   He often joins them for their ‘editorial meetings’ in a Belfast Bar and discusses important topics such as when Barry Smith added Windsor to his name or who took over the Trigan Empire art chores after Don Lawrence.

When, one evening, he offered a story for Sector 13, the editors fell over themselves with excitement.  This was Will Simpson, who had painted some of the best-loved strips for 2000AD back in the day and had been responsible, with Elaine Lee, for the Vamps series, an incredibly popular series from the heyday of Vertigo comics.

The story he presented them with was, Horse Sense.  A nine page fantasy story, part of a much longer epic, that Will has been working on for some time.  In black and white and filled with action, it recalls some of the great stories from the old Savage Sword of Conan comic from Marvel in the eighties.   

For many Will’s story will be centrepiece of Issue six of Sector 13.  Comic fans, in particular those dedicated to 2000AD, will want to see a new story by one of their favourite artists and for the many Game of Thrones fanatics it will be fascinating to see one of the key creative forces behind the series working in a different medium, but still within the fantasy genre.  But there is so much more in this issue.  With a new, Misty Inspired story by Julia Round, author the ‘Gothic For Girls’ book on the legendary girl’s comic and the continuation of the saga of the Sector House 13 judges this issue has a lot going for it.

And that editorial team?  They’re still grinning.

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