Project Art Cred

Stephen Byrne tackles Kieron Gillen’s Script

Project Art Cred had an idea to demonstrate the impact an artist brings to a comic script. The idea is a simple enough one. Take a two page script (by writer Kieron Gillen in this case) and get multiple artists to do their take on it. The effect: we see the multiple ways a writer’s words can be used by artists to create a page, highlighting the need for ArtCred.

Here’s how some Irish artists tackled the script:

John Cullen brings his unique style
PJ Holden with some horror stylings and the only one here to use Jimmy Olsen
ArtCred proponent Declan Shalvey provided some thumbnails
Patrick Mulholland shows off his action skills
Colin Craker creates a unique mood with his art
Graham Corcoran using some unique angles