Tales From the Udderverse

Product Shoot for Mother Udder Comics – Tales From The Udderverse 2019

It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of new books so luckily people hit us up (e-mailing is best with IrishComicNews on the gmail) and let us know about their books. Geoff McGrath told us a little a bit about his book Tales From The Udderverse and how things have been going so far:

Mother Udder Comics came into being as myself and Darren Cameron met through work and quickly discovered that we were brothers from another Udder. So as we got to know each other we also found out that we shared very similar views on a lot of things, including our love of Rock/Metal, Movies, gaming and COMICS.  

As we talked things progressed to the place where we both dreamed about how great it would be to actaully write our own stories and see them published.  When it came to finding a name for our imprint, we decided that since we don’t really take ourselves too seriously, we should choose a name that reflected that!  But while we are very laid back about ourselves, we take our writing very seriously.  We started writing and decided that a six story anthology of around 48 pages would be achievable.  In our editorials in “Tales” you’ll see more of our creative process in bringing things to life.  We have been so fortunate to find some amazing collaborators from some 9 different countries, including India, Brazil, Japan, the United States and Canada, as well as within the United Kingdom.

So, here’s a little about the first comic itself then.  “Tales From the Udderverse,” is a 48 page ‘prestige format’ comic anthology comprising of 6 science fiction stories: three written by myself and three by Darren.  It is printed on 90gsm silk gloss paper, with a gorgeous matt-lamination 170gsm cover.  From the very start, we knew that if we were going to do this, we wanted to do it to the best of our ability.  We also chose US Standard size because we wanted our work to be able to sit on a shelf along with the Big Two and not look out of place.  

This is only the start for Mother Udder Comics.  We are both now working on our next publications, each of us planning to carry on with the stories in “Tales.”  The “Udderverse” then is an alternate Universe where all of these stories take place!  Our plan had been to launch at Enniskillen, but a change of artist on one of the stories delayed things.  In the end, we launched at Omagh Comic Fest and did really well despite the attendees not being purely comic fans. 

This incoming year then, we very much see as our first year and we are planning to be at Enniskillen and as many of the other comic events on the island that we can manage.  We really are enjoying meeting folks at events and being able to share our passion for this our very first comic!

We’ve had so much great encouragement from other Irish Indie publishers like the guys at Button Press, and Rogue and have been so fortunate to receive encouragement and feedback from some great folks from the industry like Michael Carroll, Ian Richardson, Dan Abnett and even Meredith Finch.  

Feedback from readers and suppliers alike has been super-positive!

Currently “Tales From the Udderverse is stocked in all independant comic shops in the North as well as the “Travelling Man” stores in England.  

We’re currently in discussions with shops in the Dublin area and other parts of the country about stocking our comic.  

As well as from these stores, readers can buy “Tales From the Udderverse” directly from us on our website  or via our Facebook or Instagram pages.  We’re also now on Comichaus as well where readers for the first time can read “Tales From the Udderverse” digitally!

Check out the team on their website and their various Social Media accounts to get more details and to grab a copy: